Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Hello My name is Francois
Some call me Frank-Frankie-Frankie Baby- Frenchy-Francois, the most endeared name for me would have to be what Rachael called me... Mister Francois.

My long time friend, best pal would say..."So mister Francois, what is it that we shall do today"?

That friend has passed away now, to a more beautiful and kinder place with our Lord and Savior.
I miss her, I loved her. Rachael was my friend it was she who called me... "Mister Francois" Thus the title for this blog...

A Friendship, a good friendship should be strong, trust worthy, engaging. It seems to come only once in a life time, maybe twice if you are so fortunate.

I dedicate this blog to her. Rachael was a person who always wanted better for her self, eg: health, spirituality, friendship with others. She would pursue something with full force. Rachael was intelligent, she completed 3 years of university for being a lawyer, she worked for a group that would meet the needs of women in the community.

We would take trips, she loved just to drive, and discover different places right here in our own beautiful Provence.

She would want us to continue living to our fullest, remembering her, with not a tear...but a smile.

This photo is of my friend Tracy, Rachael with her beautiful smile and myself.

Tracy put on a party for my birthday

and Rachael thought it would be a good idea to put some of the icing from off the cake onto my nose. It was a good day.